Community Spotlight Interviews


KUAF was kind enough to feature CASA of Northwest Arkansas as part of their Community Spotlight series in April 2016. Below you will find the audio clips from all 19 of our interviews. We hope they educate and inspire you to join the CASA movement! A special thanks to Pete Hartman, of KUAF, for allowing us to share our story and for his hours of editing!

Clips 1 and 2: Overview of CASA, Colleen Smith


Clips 3 and 4:  Glimpse into the world of foster care, Kristen Cole

Kristen Cole

Clips 5, 6, and 7: The voice of a child in care, Caleb

CASA October 2015-103

Clips 8 and 9: Foster homes, Ann Meythaler of the CALL

Ann Meythaler

Clips 10 and 11: Role of the Attorney Ad Litem, Tammy Mullins

Tammy Mullins

Clips 12 and 13: A Judge’s Perspective, Judge Stacey Zimmerman

Judge Stacey Zimmerman

Clip 14: A Look into the Department of Human Services, Pat Page

Pat Page

Clip 15: Voice of an advocate, Kathleen Macleod
CASA collage heart 4mp (2) croped

Clip 16: A physician’s perspective, Dr. Laureen Benafield

Laureen Benafield

Clip 17: Former DHS attorney and CASA board member, Ryan Blue

Ryan Blue

Clips 18 and 19: The voice of a foster and adoptive parent, Lisa Chavez

Lisa and Jose Chavez

Clip 20: The voice of a pair of advocates, Elise and Marius de Waal

Marius and Elise de Waal

Clips 21 and 22: A parent attorney, Dee Scritchfield

Dee Scritchfield

Clip 23: Therapeutic foster care, Allie Hennis

Allie Hennis

Clips 24 and 25: A voice of an advocate, Tammy Simon

Tammy Simon


Clip 26: The vision of CASA, Executive Director Crystal Vickmark