The Need for Advocates

Tell me something: Does it break your heart when you read an article in the newspaper about a child who was severely abused, hurt, maybe died, at the hands of his own parent? Do you think about your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and how different their lives are surrounded by adults who love and cherish them?

Do you know that for every child you read about in the paper, there are hundreds more in Northwest Arkansas who suffer from broken bones, twisted arms, cigarette burns, hot water scaldings, skull fractures, sexual abuse? We are talking here about infants, toddlers, very young children, teens: all victims, all defenseless. Do you know that you can help any one of these children?

You can be a champion for their healing. You can stop the trajectory they are on, a deep abyss they are falling into as they enter the foster care system – the danger that they will “fall through the cracks,” will move from foster home to foster home – will not get the individual quality attention they must have for healing to begin. Again, think of the children you know and love – would you want to help them? It’s true you can’t help all of the abused children in Northwest Arkansas, but you can help one or two, and make a huge difference in their lives.

You do this by becoming a CASA, a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate. You will be trained to work with children, families, DHS and the courts. Your voice will be heard as you speak for the best interests of an abused child. Ask yourself: how can you not help a child who is hurting, a child who needs you to speak for them? Call (479) 725-2213 or attend a CASA 101 informational session to find out how you can volunteer to help a child.

Become an Advocate

Become an Advocate