Kelly Cope

As a former Walmart programmer analyst and current stay-at-home mom, Kelly enjoys running and found herself competing in a Run for a Child race several years ago. As a participant, she was signed up for CASA’s e-newsletter list. She received messages from us for years. When her youngest sons were toddlers, Kelly saw an opportunity to join the CASA family. She was driven to the decision due to her faith in God. She feels her work as a CASA volunteer is an avenue in which she can love people and hopefully pass on the blessings of love and stability that she’s been so fortunate to have in her own life.

Kelly has made quite an impact since she was sworn in less than three years ago. She’s been applauded by case workers and biological parents alike for how hard she works her cases and how she always puts the children’s best interests first. As a mother of four, Kelly and her family have made a lot of sacrifices so she can serve – from having to pay for child care when she’s at court or meetings to giving up entire Saturdays to visit her CASA kid who was placed three hours away. But, Kelly’s hard work has paid off! Her first two cases closed with the children reunifying with their families while her third ended in adoption with a biological family member.

But, Kelly’s heart still aches for the children on her current case. They have suffered more than any children should, and they are so vulnerable. But, Kelly’s not giving up. She reminds us, “people need people, especially children in foster care. They need people to see them, to know them, to love them… to remind them that no matter the circumstances in front of them, they have value and they are worth fighting for. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.”