Light of Hope

Please save the dates for 2022 Light of Hope!


November 3, 2022 at 12:00 PM

Featuring Keynote Speaker:

Jason Nichol

Chief Customer Officer, Tyson Foods


November 15, 2022 at 7:30 AM

Featuring Keynote Speaker:

Dacona Smith

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Walmart U.S. Stores

Thank you to all who contributed to our 2021 Journey of Hope campaign. We raised $370,000 to continue providing a voice to every child in need.



Thank You

General Mills
Tyson Foods
Willard & Pat Walker Charitable Foundation
The Clorox Company
United Industries
Clear Choice Retail
United Federal Credit Union
Bank of America
First National Bank of North Arkansas
Hall Estill
Mitchell Communications
Jason and Kerri Crouch
Suzanne and Dan Finstad
Marcus and Cara Osborne
James and Donna Graham
Diane and Ron Warren
Debra Dunn
Laurice A. Hachem
Bekki Murray
Nick and Grace Fielding
G&C Family
Mark and Lindsay Mast
Dale and Amanda Gainey
Doris Malacarne
Count and Lisa Darling
Steve and Terri Dyer
Robert and Lindsey Parvis
Larry and Laurie Armstrong
Becky and Tom Hyink
Emily and John Douglas
Garland and Julia Thorn
Gary and Clare Jackson
Ed and Katie Jackson
Cox Communications
Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C.
Field Agent
Mike Thurow
Janet Hendren
Dayna and John Cook
Laura Sturdevant
Mike Power
Marjorie Richesin
John and Connie Wagner
Charlie Smith
Kelsey and Ike Smith
Claire Williams
Jill Gibson
Kathy Trotter
Douglas Kantner
Britt Clem
Zabin Sachedina
Martha Frits
Alicia and Tracy Reese
B Enfield
Howard Moyes
Roberto and Maryanne Barragan
Myrna and Gary Schwartz
LeAnn and Bill Underwood
Elizabeth Hale
Sue and Steve McDaniel
Crystal and Ryan Vickmark
Lisa Bridgers
Helen and Jack Thomas
Scott and Sharon Cain
Cindy Walters
Jerry and Lenyse Koontz
Billy and TJ Smith
Mike and Susan Moore
Ted and Sandi Fox
John C. Mauck
Matt Taliaferro
Jody Sims
Jami and Troy Dugger
Matthew and Shana DeSmit
Brandon Hodges
Myles and Cynthia Cochran
Jon Hollingsworth
Gelmart International
Justin and Ciara Froning
Brittany Hardy
Rhonda and Mark Prenger
Curtis Stewart
Julie and John Reilman
Jada Azbill
Julie Lawrence
John-Michael Scurio
Katie Bundrant
Chris Mitchell
Gus Plumb and Tahamara Ibarra
Mickie Martin
Sheila Welch
Kaycee Hightower
Nicki and Timothy Kappler
Suzanne Juneau
Marlena Shryock
Tom and Tracy Wait
Jamie Hilton
Lisa and Brian Tapley
Katrin Clubine
Barry and Tia Odom
Jennifer Yurachek
Gina Pendergraft
Wendy Humphreys
Elana Owens
Mark McWhorter
Kevin White
Eleonora Lawson
Matt and Mindi Ryel
Lorra Smith
Erin Pate
Richard Levin
David and Jane Gearhart
Kelly and Shane Cope
Lindsey and Brock Gearhart
Libby and Bart Schaller
Barbara and Ken Iuso
Isabellah Garcia
Brock Hardcastle
Camille Mullens
Amy Johnson
Serena Smith
Tahni Rogers
Shelley Pate
Suzie Burnett
Amanda and Mark Ferm
Heather and Michael Wisdom
Gregg and Jaci Uecker
Shawn and Danielle DeLozier
Retta and Eddie Hight
Lance Johnson
Frankie Rankin
Emily Rappe Fisher
Jeremy and Kristie Cupp
Joy and Sean Morris
Brittney and Anthony Gulley
Megan Cuddy
Kay Magness
Ken and Linda Starr
Laura and Craig Underwood
Debbie and Scott Keller
James Harris
Marius and Elise de Waal
Katie and Channin Tacito
Alicia and Drew Conner
Alicia Zimmerman
Kara and Clay Willis
Carrie Overton
Carli Rosencranz
Matthew Parry
Rodrigo Salas
Heather Crowder
Rebecca Fischgrabe
Michael Adamson
Robin Fuller
Laura Ladd Poff
Angie Muldoon
Ann Cato
Katie Schifano
Jeff Wasem
Sydney McConnell
Corinne and Mark Power
Nikki McDaniel
Brad Sauer
Will Trapp
Karen Lisle
Barb Smith
Catt August
Abra and Clay Morgan
Deborah Doerr
Sylvia and Travis Norris
Josh Wisley
Cory and Jim Corbett
Marcy Martinovic
Steve and Desiree Weber
Jeanie and Michael Hill
Lisa Huelsman
Stephanie Riffle
Alex and Andy Bonds
Nancy and Dan Eckels
Shannon Mitchell
Roberta and Robert Billingsley
Helen and John Wommack
Ashley VanBruwaene
Mindy Porter
Sam Dean
Talia McGowan
Christa Geduldig
Kristine Warner
Alisha Rohlwing
Laura Schmitt
Todd and Marjorie Hanus
Jay Heidrick
Tom and Vicki Schaeffer
Alicia and Drew Conner
Marla and Dennis Hunt
Kelley and Steven Cullen
Jim and Margaret Antz
Lowell Collins and Daryl Boles
Renae Elkins
Jackie Telfair
James and Tracy Dray
Jenny and Lucas Campbell
Nancy Harris
Steve and Janette Litaker
Harland and Phoebe Phillips
Janet Poole
Diana and Kevin St. Clair
Vicki Pearson
Myra and Larry Small
Melanie and Jimmy Gabel
Lindsey & Associates
Jana Wrenay Elkins
Gary and Trudy Karnes
Beverly Harrison
Cynthia Holt
Essa Hicks
Colleen and Erik Smith
George E. Erwin
Blair and Alex Dyer
Tim and Betty Strout
Seth and Kelsy Vannaman
Linda Marshak
Nikki and Michael Keller
Christine and Tyler Benson
Michael and Leslie Paladino
Josh and Erin Moody
Jason Bedford
Laurel and Gregory Jackson
Karen Casey and Cliff Doxsee
Sharon Spurlin
Scott and Leslie Rouse
Brett and Kara Biggs
John Tanner
Alexandra Nates and Carlos Cantor
Hugh and Brenda Kincaid
Marla and Scott Muller
Roxanne Snowden
Sarah Wilson
Marianne and Natale Losapio
Abby Blaney
Whitney Box
Ann and David Covington
Jane Ewing
Nina Gavasso
Mandy Macke
Joseph and Kelly Kinsella
Judy and Glenn Frye
Susan Presley
Daisy Brand
Allison McElroy
Jen Acerra
Mark and Christine Towery
Ragan Hensley
Alisha Ross
Emily Garza
Emily Ironside
Epiphany Morrow
Lynne Webb
Anthony Sumlin
Jennifer Christy
Ed and Guanica Parrish
Cheryl Rossi-O'Reilly and Mark O'Reilly
Dave Ritter
Philip Sigsworth
Kate and Adam Arroyos
Dale and Kimberly Krummel
Susan and Mike Duke
David and Barbara Hogberg
Natalie Cornett
Matt and Nancy Bunch
Onika Williams
Carie O'Banion
Holly Holiman
Julie Mitchell
Katie Macholan
Julie and Timothy McGrover
Brenna and Jeremy Groves
Ann Morrissey
Susan Thomas
Josie and Mario Villalpando
Christy Hood
Lisa and Greg Hines
Alan Lewis and Nancy Martin
Thomas and Wendy Smith
Yvonne Springfield
Brenda Wilkerson Webb
Drew and Nancy Collom
Enrique Guemez
Courtney Starr
Terry Smith

THANK YOU to those who took the time to participate in our in-person Journey of Hope.

If you missed our virtual presentation, it's not too late!

Watch the advocate stories here:

Light of Hope Committee Members

Kelley Cullen

Brandy Furner

Lindsey Gearhart

Wayne Hamilton

Nicki Kappler

Angie Muldoon

Ramon Portilla

Katie Tacito

Onika Williams

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