Third-Party Fundraisers

CASA of Northwest Arkansas welcomes our community’s fundraising initiatives which help to raise awareness and funding for our program. By taking on this type of project, your organization assumes the responsibility for producing a successful event with minimal assistance from CASA of NWA. CASA’s staff and resources are primarily dedicated to serving the abused and neglected children of our area and to our major annual fundraiser. This limits our ability to schedule, produce, or maintain further fundraising events.

All fundraising efforts seeking to attach the name of CASA should be run by financially responsible and reputable organizations or individuals motivated by a genuine desire to support CASA of NWA.

The Third-Party Fundraiser Application must be completed and submitted for approval as well as the following guidelines met by groups or individuals seeking to host a third-party fundraiser to benefit CASA of NWA.

Guidelines for Third-Party Event Fundraisers:

  • Producing any event requires a significant investment of your time to ensure the its success. Please submit a timeline and Third-Party Fundraiser Application at least three months in advance for approval (exceptions can be made; please don't hesitate to call).
  • Concepts and proposed publicity efforts for your Third-Party Fundraiser need to be approved to ensure the proposal is within CASA of NWA guidelines and is consistent with our mission.
  • CASA of NWA cannot promise to incur expenses to assist in third-party proposals.
  • CASA of NWA partners with many local businesses and individuals. Please submit a list of all potential sponsors prior to solicitation.
  • CASA of NWA cannot solicit sponsors for your fundraising event and will not provide any donor information.
  • The terms of the proposed donation to CASA of NWA must be clearly and specifically stated, including when we will receive the gift. Check payable to CASA of Northwest Arkansas should be presented within 30 days after the last day of the event.
  • All media, print materials, and public communications mentioning CASA, our mission, or logo must be approved by CASA of NWA’s Development Director prior to printing or release. Please attach a list of proposed media contacts.
  • CASA of NWA reserves the right to protect the privacy of our volunteers, staff, board members, sponsors, and all others affiliated with CASA.
  • We ask that no more than 50% of the gross revenue generated by your fundraiser be used to cover expenses so as to keep in line with national goals for using money raised on behalf of CASA in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Due to limited staff and resources, CASA of NWA may not be able to participate in the production or execution of your event.
  • CASA of NWA representative(s) will make every effort to attend your event and inform our constituents of event details if possible.
If you have any questions or would like more information regarding organizing a Third-Party Fundraiser, please contact:

Colleen Smith, Director of Development and Marketing
Office: (479) 725-2213