Meet Our Volunteers

CASA volunteers come from all walks of life! With more than 400 serving last year, no one story will be the same. Here is just a sample of some of the amazing individuals who work tirelessly to build brighter futures for our children.

Courtney Lindsay

Courtney is someone that likes to see the impact she's making. She knows from her own experience just how powerful consistent effort can be for a child. She sees her own efforts as a CASA volunteer as helping the underdogs; kids that have far fewer choices in their lives, and she sees the potential in each child, just as someone saw in her. Read More

Vanessa Sanchez

Vanessa has always wanted to make a major impact by volunteering. Her background in child development and psychology and her life experiences, Vanessa is well equipped to handle just about any situation. She recently found a home here at CASA where she is able to make the impact she's been looking for. Read More

Volunteer Joe Bebout

Joe Bebout

Though he says some moments are more challenging than others, Joe knows being a CASA is worth it when he sees his kids succeed in school or in their jobs. With each twist and turn, he takes life as it comes and does what he can to be a mentor and helper to his teens. Read More

Volunteer Emily Bost

Emily Bost

Emily Bost may be small in stature, but she has one of the biggest hearts out there. Spend an hour with her and you will see the love in her heart shine through. Luckily for CASA of Northwest Arkansas, she found room in that heart to speak up for the children who need us the most. Read More

Marius de Waal and Elise de Waal

Elise & Marius de Waal

Believe it or not, it was a bumper sticker that originally inspired Elise de Waal to learn more about CASA. After keeping CASA in the back of her mind for two years, she was ready to begin volunteer training. Luckily for us, she sold her husband Marius on the idea as well. Read More

Becky Richards

According to Becky Richards, she has always been advocating for children. She may not have always been heard, but she was constantly fighting for those who didn’t have a voice. With a career in preschool and special education, Becky knew her advocacy wouldn’t end when she left the public school system and heard of CASA through a colleague who had adopted twins. When she retired, Becky knew just what was next. Read More