Steven Beaumont

In October 2022, Steven Beaumont joined CASA of NWA, becoming one of 383 volunteers in the program. Steven signed his oath and was ready to go, anxiously awaiting an opportunity to be assigned to a child in need. Steven began his first case shortly after swearing in, and since his start date, he has been known around our office for his enthusiastic and creative advocacy. Steven serves his CASA child with gusto – attending therapy sessions, school meetings, and even church services to ensure that “Marcus”, his CASA youth, and Marcus’ caregivers are provided with meaningful support.

For Steven, serving others is a way of life. His father, a Vietnam veteran and an education administrator and coach, and his mother, a nurse, both shaped Steven’s worldview and were role models to him. Steven himself served in the Army until his retirement in 2015. As a communications officer in the Army, Steven “loved every minute” of serving. Following his retirement from the Army, Steven found another opportunity to serve those in his community.

“I heard about CASA on the radio in 2012. We were stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was close to Thanksgiving and a CASA rep was on the radio asking for help getting gifts for CASA kids.” Steven and his wife ended up sponsoring 11 children for Christmas that year. Steven explains “I couldn’t let those kids go without a Christmas… I came back the next year and did the same thing…this time only about 5 or 6 kids still needed gifts.”

But Steven’s heart for giving to others didn’t stop there. What started as meeting a need for Christmas gifts would eventually lead to Steven becoming a CASA in San Antonio, Texas and finally in Arkansas. During his combined 5 years as a CASA, he has worked 4 cases to completion – all of them closing with reunification or adoption.

Building on a family tradition of service, Steven recognizes the importance of CASA’s unique type of advocacy, and how vital it is for men to volunteer as well. Steven chose to become a CASA because he knows that “these kids need us.” He also told us “I also saw a very big disparity in the numbers of female to male volunteers. Young men and women need a male role model.” In fact, Steven was assigned to his current CASA youth for this very reason – Marcus needed a strong, male role model and Steven was more than happy to fill that need.

Steven’s willingness and enthusiasm to advocate for youth is inspiring. When asked what he would say to someone considering becoming a CASA, he didn’t hesitate in his response. “Quit considering it and do it. The difference they (you) can make in a kid’s life is unmeasurable. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than improving a kid’s future. If giving a few hours of your time can make a change in a kid’s life… what is left to consider?”