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Asked & Answered: Does an advocate work with a single child?

A new advocate is assigned a single case. That case may include one child or a sibling group. If an […]

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Asked & Answered: Can You Work a Full-Time Job while Performing CASA Duties?

Absolutely! Many of our volunteers have full-time jobs and families. Most of the CASA’s duties are carried out on their […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kristi & Jeff Blaschke

High school sweethearts. Arkansas alumni. Accountants. Parents. In 2016, Kristi and Jeff added CASA advocates to their titles and accomplishments. […]

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Asked & Answered: What is a CASA volunteer’s role in family finding?

Arkansas law is clear that the preferred placement for a child in foster care is with relatives. Studies show that […]

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Asked & Answered: Is a legal background required to be a CASA volunteer?

Absolutely not! Most of our 410 advocates have no formal legal training whatsoever. We often get asked, “Who makes the […]

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Skilled CASA Champions

Every child in foster care will have a fierce and skilled CASA champion by their side. That’s our vision. But […]

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Serving Every Child

Five years ago, CASA of Northwest Arkansas set a very important goal: to provide a CASA to every child in […]

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2020 Graduates: Looking to the Future

For many teenagers, graduating from high school is a given. It’s an important step before they head to college or […]

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