Unique Way to Give: Stocks!

Did you know that donating appreciated property, such as a gift of stock, to charity can generate a double tax benefit? Not only do you receive a charitable deduction for the gift’s full market value, you will not be subject to capital-gains on that gift.

That means you can make a very impactful gift to an organization you know and love, like CASA of NWA, while decreasing the out-of-pocket cost to you by avoiding capital-gain tax.

I’m in! How do I do it?

Speak with your stock broker or financial advisor and express your desire to make such a gift. In most cases, they will direct you to contact CASA of NWA (email Crystal or Colleen or call 479-725-2213) to share your intent and obtain CASA’s brokerage account number. With CASA’s account number, the custodian of your brokerage account will be able to schedule the electronic transfer of stock. We will send you an acknowledgement, and your charitable gift will start to change children’s lives!

Disclaimer: We are not licensed tax professionals. There are special rules to qualify for such tax benefits. Please seek guidance from your personal accountant or tax advisor to learn how a gift to CASA may impact your individual tax situation.