Celebrating our Advocates for International Volunteers Day

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.  – Steve Jobs 

We have the privilege to come alongside our volunteers in the life-changing, and world-changing, work they do with the children and families on their cases. This month, in honor of International Volunteers Day on December 5, we wanted to share some of the ways our volunteers are changing the world and some of the things our Advocate Supervisors are thankful for about their volunteers. 

Amanda Q. I love how our Carroll County advocates are supporting one another! Several advocates had such a fun time hanging out at the State CASA Conference that they started planning monthly dinners together. Each month they select a different restaurant to go to. They’ve said that they enjoy learning from one another, and being able to chat with others that understand what it’s like to work a case. There is a wealth of information among this group of advocates and it’s great that they get to share with one another!   

Kayla T. Robin S. went to visit her CASA kiddo in her placement and shopped for her before traveling. I thought it was creative and sweet that Robin coordinated with her CASA child’s therapist and the child to video chat while Robin walked through the store so her CASA child could have some input on the items she was receiving. 

Victoria B. An advocate I really appreciate right now is Shannon B. She continues to do such a great job on a complicated case involving language differences, challenges related to older youth, and cultural differences. Shannon has done a great job making sure the youth and family feel supported culturally and religiously, especially during the holiday season. Shannon has been a great voice for the teen on her case as well. She (the teen) can always count on her advocate, Shannon.   

Rachel R. I am very thankful for my advocates who step up to help our kids in need by taking on multiple cases. I know it can be a lot to juggle for them but ensuring that we are serving and supporting all our kids is our most important mission. I am very thankful that our CASA team and advocates ensure that our kids receive the consistency that every child deserves, and the opportunity to make beautiful, happy memories during a difficult transitional time in their lives.  

Genia M. Some of my cases have been really challenging so what has been motivating me and my advocates is that we are here for a reason and can only do what we can, but overall our goal is to ensure that the children’s well-being is being cared for and they have permanency.  

Ryan B. Heather W. and Sam S.A.  jumped right in with the family on their first case. They’re very engaged and I can tell they’re paying attention to the details. I watched them engage with both Mom and Dad at court this week, and they were kind and professional and gave great explanations of their roles.  

Statler K. My new volunteer, Cristen B., is assigned to a young man who is placed in a residential treatment facility and whose siblings are no longer a part of the case. Cristen visits him at least twice a week in his placement. I really think having someone to visit, bring him lunch, and ask him about his day is giving him something to look forward to.  

From CASA of NWA to every one of our volunteers: Thank you for your ongoing efforts to change the world through the work you do with children and families in our community!  

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