Asked & Answered: How does a CASA volunteer get assigned to a case?

Once a CASA graduates from training, they will meet with their assigned supervisor. The supervisor will review the list of waiting cases with them and answer all questions and concerns that the CASA may have about the cases. CASA supervisors are there to make the CASAs feel comfortable and supported through this process. Ultimately, the CASA will choose what case they would like to serve.

The supervisor and the CASA will discuss any career or life experiences that they may be able to bring to the case as well. For example, if the CASA is a retired nurse and there is a medically-fragile child on the waitlist, the CASA would be able to bring an area of advocacy to the child that the other parties of the case would not be able to bring to make sure all of that child’s medical needs are met.

Answered by Team Lead Kristen Smith