Meeting the Need

In Northwest Arkansas alone, nearly 600 children are in care right now. Numbers like that can be somewhat intimidating and overwhelming. If we aren’t careful, statistics can scare us into apathy, thinking there is no way one person can make an impact on a problem so large.

CASA of Northwest Arkansas believes the best way to meet the needs of all foster children is to meet them one child at a time. And, lucky for us, our region is full of citizens who agree and refuse to let the statistics scare them. They realize, behind that big number, there are hundreds of individual children who need just one person to say yes.

In December 2016, 12 new advocates did just that. Last week, an additional 22 advocates joined them. Together, these newly sworn 34 advocates have the potential of serving at least 75 children this year!

Are you willing to join these special individuals? Our greatest need is advocates who are willing to serve Washington or Carroll counties. We’re also are seeking more male and/or bilingual (Spanish) advocates for all counties. Lastly, we have a long list of teenagers needing a CASA advocate/mentor. CASA will host six additional advocate trainings between now and June 30. Contact Arbor (arbor@nwacasa.org) for more information on how to become an advocate or to refer a friend.

In closing, please remember. These children don’t need someone to save the world, they just want someone willing to step into their world.


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